Questions and Answers (Clarity Pick 3)


IMPORTANT: Before placing any order with us please contact us to confirm that your State has been setup on our store. We would like to make sure we have an up to-date history data on your game. We make sure your State specific data is current. We will setup where there is a demand first. Thank you as per management Claritylotterysystems



Software Requirements

Q:What are my requirements to run Clarity Pick 3

A:Our Application is compiled in Visual Basic and 1 module calls Ms Excel.You need Any Microsoft Windows operating System 32 bit or 64  bit from Windows Xp service Pack 3 upwards to Windows 10 with (MS Excel 2007- Ms Excel 2016 32bit ONLY). Microsoft recommends the 32 bit version of Office Microsoft’s recommendation . We don’t have a MAC version nor will it work with Open Office sorry


Hardware Requirements

Q:What are my hardware requirements to run Clarity Pick 3

A: Please make sure your hardware exceed the following hardware below.

Minimum Requirements

Intel Celeron or and Intel Core to Duo processor E4500

2Gb of Memory

If your hardware is from the latest you would have no problems running our software

On lower spec hardware and low amounts of memory we advise not to run our software with ANY other software programs (Multitask) simultaneously.That will degrade performance on already slow hardware

Q: When I order do I need to specify the version windows I have 32 bit or 64 bit?

A: No on a purchase you will have the option to download only a 32 bit bit version on either a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows. You need a 32 bit office installed on your 64bit machine to run the software

Q: Im running a 64 bit machine with 64 bit version of Office is there a workaround to get the software running without changing my Office.

A: Yes you can install Vmware and install a 32 bit version of Office on the virtual machine.You can run any version of Office 32 bit. You can then simply switch. We can help you to set this up at no extra cost -free of charge!. This strictly apply only on a purchase of the software


Q: why is the EXE so large (5-8mb Mb)?

A: Our EXE files have anti-piracy protection built-in which contributes to the size of the application.Our software also have the latest technology hardware locked keys which also contributes to the size


Sales and Licensing

Q: is it one time fee or it is recurring fee?

A: It is a one-time fee. You get a perpetual license and free upgrades for 1 year.

After this year, you can renew your maintenance when you want with a discount if you want more recent versions(software upgrades).

Q: Can we place our order manually?

A:Yes you may you can send the price of the software via PayPal to  with all your details and contact details.We will then set-up the order up manually.Currently this process is automated but we can do manual orders on your request.


Q: What are the cost of renewal of maintenance after 1 year

A: Will be a low fee -see the store for prices.This low fee help us to maintain the website costs we need to cover.


Q: Is this an online app ?

A:No the software is loaded on your PC/notebook  with your license.Your license is then synced to our server for access. You need an active internet connection with our software.


Q: Can I copy the software and share it with a friend ?

A: No you can’t. Our software is hardware locked and will only work on your hardware as its linked to the hardware.Even if people have your order details with license keys it will fail and only work on your hardware.

Q: do you have a License Agreement (EULA)?

A:Yes, you can review the Clarity Pick 3 End User License before installing the software.

Q: do you have a refund policy, return policy or money-back guarantee?

A: In rare instances and only within 15 days of purchase, if due to technical difficulties or platform incompatibilities Clarity Pick 3 will not function, we may, at our discretion, issue a refund minus our order processing and banking fees (up to 10% of the purchase price).

IMPORTANT: On a refund we will deactivate your copy of Clarity Pick 3 and render it useless by revoking your license file.Without a license you cannot run our software

as it’s a downloadable digital product that can not be reversed as you have activated it. Under normal circumstances there are no refunds on digital products as its downloaded to your computer.

In such instances, we require that you provide enough information for us to positively identify your purchase transaction (e.g., order number, your company name, date of transaction, activation code, number of licenses purchased, etc.). If we are able to positively identify your order, and if your request is made within 15 days of purchase. Claritylotterysystems is not responsible for lost, delayed, or misdirected mail or email, delays for downloading, or other communication system delays.

Acceptance of this Policy

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with this refund policy. By placing an order for Clarity Pick 3, you indicate that you have read this refund policy and that you agree with and fully accept the terms of this refund policy. If you do not agree with or fully accept the terms of this refund policy, we ask that you do not place an order with us. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding our refund policy.


Q: How many activation’s do you allow

A: You may activate your license on 2 computers simultaneously. Either your notebook or pc.

Q: I lost my registration information and activation code. What can I do?

A: If you lost your activation code, please contact us. We require that you provide enough information for us to positively identify your purchase transaction (e.g., order number, your company name, date of transaction, number of licenses purchased, etc.).

Q: My State has not been setup ?

A: We setup where there is a demand first. Contact us on our Contact us  page and request that your state are setup before placing an order


Q: I have not received all my files ?

A: Clarity Pick 3 comes in 2 versions a Single State or a Multiple State version.

Single State version SS (Multiple files)

Multiple files include a file for each draws data example Morning, Midday, Eve, Midnight etc……This is State specific

There are 2 differences. A single state is only for 1 states data on a purchase of Clarity Pick 3 Single State you will get file for each draw – Example Midday Evening Midnight. With a single state you will have access to the software back testing facility(button) for your state. You cannot use other states data on a single state license.You can export your draw data but you cannot import other states data against your states database.A single state have a database linked to it therefore no option for imports

Multi State version MS (Single file)

NOTE: You will ONLY receive 1 file

A Multi state you will be able to analyze different states data with Clarity Pick 3 and switch back and front and export and import data for different states draws. The multi state version there is no back testing facility built-in as you will be switching states .On a Multi state you can import every draw for any state.

Q: Is there any other functionality changes in the software except for the SS back testing module ?

A: There are no changes in the functionality on both versions EXCEPT for the Import Export of draws modules and the back testing module.

Q: Does the products come with a manual ?

A: Yes there is a manual with both MS and SS version of Clarity Pick 3

Q: One module requires macros to be enabled on the software Is that a security risk?

A: NO.Correct one module require that macros are enabled to enable to run the module.Our software comes with a signed certificate and are safe and are virus and adware free.Here is a link where all our software are tested on all the well known antivirus companies Software certification test .The developer are a respected member of a well-known lottery forum. If you don’t want to allow access to run macros then please do not buy our software as this is a requirement and part of the functionality of the software.

Q: Your software have quite bold claims regarding the “Only software you will ever need”.

A: The software was tested on live USA data in a live environment with good results.Straight hits was achieved by the developer and shared with Users that can vouch for the effectiveness of the software. We are confident in the software to lower the odds for players. Clarity Pick 3 will bring down the odds by playing the BIAS what happens most. From our testing 12 out of 16 games are well in reach for winners.The software have different options and filters to get to the winners.So its 100% dependent on the USER choices. In our guide we give pointers to make the software more effective

Q: Will the software magically choose the winning number for me ?

A: NO. Most people are aware of the Smartluck Advantage Gold software. The software is a tool to help users play good choices for jackpot wins. Just like Advantage Gold our software are developed to help users play good combos for straight/Box winners.The software is only a tool to play the correct numbers but it’s completely up to the user’s choices on the software exactly the same as Advantage gold. We do however are confident that by lowering the odds and by using our software winners are easier to identify and played.We have built-in tools to give users the edge on the competition like our first number Autopilot algorithm and our filters.It also comes with a FIRST pattern analyzer which the user can analyze the pattern of the pick3 they are playing.This pattern may be different from State to State. The KEY to straight hits is to UNDERSTAND the pattern of your pick3. Clarity Pick 3 will show you that pattern in detail. Like any software there will be a learning curve to it. Our software are a pick3 investment that can assist you on your goal to be an effective pick 3 player. A small investment for lifelong extra side income

Q: Can you explain the bias and how Clarity Pick 3 work?

A: From testing on most pick3 games there is lower skips thus making Clarity Pick 3 concentrate on what happens most we call that the bias. Clarity pick 3 therefore cover skips 0-9 statistically 12 out of 16 draws are within the 0-9 skip range.Our software algorithm will lower the odds from 1000 combinations down to 400-450 combos giving the user a better chance.

Q: There was a mention of a skip pattern secret can you elaborate on that

A: That  will be revealed to customers who have bought the software

Q: Is there different manuals ?

A: Yes we have 3 different guides…A basic guide only shows the software and navigation where on our purchased versions the user will receive a thorough manual with pointers how to make the software effective. You will receive the exact method the Developer use to zoom in to the winners

Q: Do you have any advice for new players ?

A: Yes stop playing blindly waiting for a number to turn up that is money in the water. Every draw your number have a different value and people do not realize that. This is exactly what ‘s making Clarity Pick 3 unique it will show you exactly the values to be played.

Q: Is Clarity Pick3 based on Positional Skips or real skips

A: Clarity Pick 3 don’t make use of ANY positional skips and ONLY real skips. I yet to see an effective Positional Skips Pick 3 system out there as it is time-wasting and not effective. Real skips analysis are the only way to be effective in Pick 3……if you can’t do math you can’t be an effective pick 3 player


Q: Is Clarity Pick3 a Box or straight hit system?

A: BOTH but it was written for straight hits. Straight hits was achieved in live testing. With our software installed you can see the pattern of the Pick3. No other Pick3 system can show you that!. Internationally patented and protected


Q: Is Clarity Pick 3 the only system with a back testing module on the market ? I have searched and cant find any other pick 3 system with such module.

A: Yes Clarity Pick 3 is quite unique in that sense as it’s the only Pick 3 system that come with a built-in back testing facility built into the software. This just show how confident we are in the software therefore you can see how many winners the system would have got right as winners. A sign of a good software system. This module alone is a MUST HAVE for any serious pick 3 player.This is our flagship product which only comes on a single Sate -SS package

Q: May I use techniques or ideas in the software on my own and claim it as my idea ?

A: Clarity Pick 3 is intellectual property of Claritylotterysystems and none of Clarity Pick 3’s methods/ideas or techniques may be used in any other software or manuals or claimed as your own. See our User license agreement.

Q: Can we make recommendations to the developer of Clarity Pick 3 for improvements we would like to see in upgrades. On a purchase of Clarity Pick 3 the user will get 12 months free upgrades.

A: For sure we would welcome any ideas in ways to improve our already awesome software. You can contact us with our app built into the software. Our aim will be to improve features in every aspect as technology is your friend. Its important to stay abreast with Technology and we have set the bar quite high

Q: The software is expensive

A: Our software is UNDER PRICED for quality and features but we want to make it available to more people not breaking the bank -we feel its a respectable price. You may feel cheated if you buy a PDF e-book system which cost $100 -$250. There are many of those junk systems out there. Also keep in mind those expensive e-book systems was not tested on live environments and 99% of them are only empty promises with no scientific evidence that they are effective. We believe our system is value for money as it include premium effective software and a system to boot so you can’t beat that for value of money. If you want to complain we recommend you NOT TO BUY our software and go investigate the freebies on forums. Just remember one golden rule…To make money you need to spend money. As mentioned our software is for the serious Pick 3 player that require an advantage/edge on their game. Its-not for the casual Pick 3 player that make use of free systems which most of time don’t deliver. You pay peanuts you get monkeys comes to mind-the same apply to good software!. Your $20 system can’t beat a more expensive system thus the low price.

Q: How will Clarity Pick3 fair against any other “so called premium $250 systems” ?

A: Those systems will be put ashamed!. Most other system sellers wont go close to a live system forum to show how effective their software is.Why ? Because its easier to put a price tag on system and make exuberant claims to warrant the price tag. The developer of Clarity Pick3 did live testing with straight hits. A sign of confidence!!!!.  I would even go as far to say bring ANY so called premium Pick3 system against Clarity pick3 -You can pick any US state or pick3 around the world for that matter.The proof is always in the results!.


Q: Any chance I can use Clarity Pick 3 data on Excel

A: We have made that possible on all our software with an export module of data to excel. Lots of people use Excel to analyze data further and we have made provision for that on both our versions.

Q: Will there be discounts on the software ?

A: From time to time we will have special promotions on our software.Join our mailing list on our website to be notified on such promotions and not to miss out on them.