All of our software is created with an ease of use in mind. Our interface screens should be able to guide you through the process of using the particular product you are using. Should you need product technical support, you should find the answer to most questions relating to our products in the help file included with each software product. Within each software product we sell is a link to the help files for that product.

However, if you cannot find the answer you need, you can get further assistance by using the contact support app built in our software. You may also contact us from our website contact us page.

Online Technical Support

  • Product Listings and Datasheets

You will find basic technical information in the product listings on our website, including datasheets, technical drawings and troubleshooting guides

  • FAQ’s
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • We have provided some answers to the most frequently asked technical questions regarding our products and systems in the FAQ section of our website

    Hardware Requirements

    Minimum Requirements

    Intel Celeron or and Intel Core to Duo processor E4500

    2Gb of Memory

    If your hardware are from the latest you would have no problems running our software

    On lower spec hardware and low amounts of memory we advise not to run our software with other software programs (Multitask) simultaneously

    Before installing our software

    One module in the software require Microsoft Excel to run with Macros enabled. Make sure Macros are enabled in Excel before running the software and that Trust access to the VBA project model is selected….see photo

    Excel Options -Trust Center -Trust Center settings -Macro settings -Enabled all macros

Trust Access to VBA project model and click on OK.

Software Activation

Our software licenses are hardware locked preventing any unlawful distribution of our software. In the event that your license are installed on another system it will deny access as its unique to your system(hardware). On any order you will download the software and send us your system ID that’s unique to your system -we will send you the license code to install our software. Our license allow you to install 2 copies with our software. It can be either Windows 32 or Windows 64 bit.Some users might want to install it on a notebook and their home pc and we have made provision for that.

You will enter the activation code and click on Activate. You have now successfully activated a copy of your software.

Procedure to Activate Clarity Pick 3

After an order you will receive an email with a link to download the software.

You will download the software and right click run as administrator. We advise to do it this way as some users may not have enough user rights to install the software.We have made it an easy directory on the root of your drive C:ClarityPick3

After the install the software will ask the activation token that need to be activated.

Common Error messages with activation

Q:I am getting the following error message " trusted folder could not be registered after activating Clarity Pick 3

A: You have not activated your macros and settings above -See above. Go activate your macros and reopen the file it will work as soon as its enabled.

You should be a registered user now. You are now ready to make some $$$. Please go read the FULL version manual with the method the developer uses for his straight hits.The manual gets installed on C:ClarityPick3Clarity Pick 3 Full Version SS.pdf

Please note the Basic guide is not the full version as that’s ONLY an overview of the software. If you need a copy of the Basic guide simply email us and request that we can send you the FREE Basic guide.

Connectivity to our server

We recommend using OpenDns for your Dns setting on your Network card. We recommend OpenDns as it resolves better than Google Dns. With Google’s Dns timeouts are possible when connecting thus we highly recommend on the Pc/Notebook that have Clarity Pick 3 installed to change the Dns to the Dns settings below


Clarity Pick 3 SS Version 2.00 Change log (04/24/18)

Ability to recommend when doubles/tripples can hit by looking at pattern

Autopilot changes

4 Pattern Quickpick and data analysis

Speech and visual changes

Clarity Pick 3 SS Version 1.1.2 Change log (01/15/18)

  • Minor changes & fixes
  • Adding feature Spot Pick as Checkbox 4 from main menu to allow manual lookup of only a certain skip value to trap the winner

Clarity Pick 3 SS Version 1.1.1 Launch Version (01/01/18)